Saturday, May 16, 2009

We have an extra occupant

Well, after much scrambling during the week to accomplish our requirements for discharging Sara from the NICU, she held up her end of the bargain and we arrived home with half our twins yesterday at 2:30pm.

The morning started with last minute organization of the nursery and arranging items in preparation for bottle making. We had our parental monitor training at 10am and then hung out with the kids for a while. Sara was awake for an extra long time - nurse Carrie must have been telling her what was going on! Dr. Clark was a little delayed in making rounds so we grabbed lunch in the cafeteria before chatting with them about any concerns.

Adam is ready to graduate to a big boy open air crib and he is on full breast milk with fortifier, 37mL per feeding. No signs of tummy problems creeping back up - I can't tell you how exciting that is! And his bradycardia episodes remain in the 0-2 range, which is excellent for him. We celebrated with the staff over how far he has come in the past few weeks. Dr. Clark indicated that preemies don't usually learn to suck until 35 weeks of gestation. Considering that they are just past 34, Adam is very typical and normal for his age. Sara just rocked it early!

Sara passed her hearing test and her last head ultrasound came back normal. Dr. Clark gave us tips and suggestions for her care and signed the discharge papers.

So there's the facts of the day. Here's the heart...there were so many emotions rolled into the day. Certainly it was exciting to have a baby come home after 44 days in the NICU. There was some nervousness - you would be too if you saw how small she is riding in her car bed in the back seat. And in her could fit 5 babies her size and still have room! And some real heart ache for me as I stood at Adam's isolette and cried. Since they were 34 days of gestation, we knew we were having twins and could hear 2 heartbeats. I saw them both on ultrasounds every few weeks and after time, I felt both of them move and knew exactly where they were and which one was which. Every day in the NICU I spent time at both of their beds. And to take only 1 home to start. Hard. Really hard.

So right now we are keeping with the typical NICU schedule so Sara can continue to thrive and gain weight. It is important to keep her eating every 3 hours in order to get enough calories to gain weight. We are working through the challenge of getting her acclimated to the house temperature and knowing how many blankets to add. She is eating well. She has set the home monitor off a few times, alerting us that she may have stopped breathing or her heart rate dropped. If hearing that in the middle of the night doesn't make you jump out of bed, I don't know what will!

I visited Adam last night and worked on nippling a bottle with him. He did have a few bradycardias after being put in his crib - there will be some adjustment, especially as he is no longer in an inclined position but laying flat on a crib mattress. It was so good to see my boy, even though he almost peed on me! Shannon is visiting this morning. He's a great man, that husband of mine. We are a good team and I don't know what I would do without him!

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Pam said...

How exciting! Thankfully time quickly flies by and before you know it, Adam will be there also! Can't wait to see them! Pam