Friday, May 1, 2009


We arrived at the hospital early this morning to wait for the results of Adam's lower gastrointestinal scan that was performed at 8am. Dr. Clark decided yesterday that since this was the third episode in a short amount of time, we should look deeper to see if there is an issue other than just a sensitive, underdeveloped preemie tummy. We are thankful that they are continuing to ask questions and try to get to the bottom of what is going on. The test injects something through his butt and then they watch how it travels through the intestines to see if there is a kink somewhere. If there are no issues, they will consider an upper GI, also to look for internal problems. His tummy is still distended but softer. He's not as uncomfortable as he was last night.

Adam and Sara continue to be on separate floors. We will wait for his test results before deciding if we want Sara moved to at least be on the same floor. If it just seems to be a short-term issues for Adam, we may just wait for him to join his sister again in the intermediate room downstairs.

His weight continues to climb - 3lb 4oz as of last night.

As for Miss Sara, she is quickly learning how to eat from a bottle. Yesterday she ate 20ml of her 25ml bottle. And this morning Shannon got her to take all of it. Since she has had 2 days in a row taking more than 50%, we expect she will graduate to 2 bottles a day tomorrow. We are also hopeful that Dr. Clark will have her canula removed today.

She is up to 2lb 15 1/ close to 3lb!

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