Friday, May 8, 2009

Surprise, surprise!

Sara graduated to a big girl bed this morning! The nurse decided she has held her temperature quite well, been a little warm even, and her isolette temperature was room temp so she might as well switch her out for an open air crib. And she is over the 1500 gram minimum limit, weighing in at 1555 today, or 3lb 7oz for those of you can't convert in your head! With her weight gain, she could have her caffeine increased but Dr. Clark has decided to just maintain the current level. As she continues to gain weight, it will act to wean her off gradually rather than discontinue cold turkey. This may be a more preferred method for her.

As for Adam, we are taking the slow, steady pace with everything except his weight gain. His weight this morning was 1810 grams - a hair short of 4lb!! Because he has been on IV nutrition for over a week, it has put him on the fast track for bulking up. Being on an IV is like injecting a milkshake directly into your veins. His body doesn't have to do any work or burn any calories to work on digesting the food. He started a feeding schedule of breast milk today so we should see his weight decrease a little or at least slow down. Also, as long as he had no major bradycardia episodes in the past few hours, Dr. Clark was ordering for his canula to be removed. She doesn't want oxygen pushed into his stomach as he starts his feeds. That may have caused some of his prior irritation. He also has a note on his chart that if he doesn't poop every 48 hours, he gets a suppository. This will help things move through his body rather than slowing his digestive system and causing a distended belly again. We are praying this round of feedings will not irritate his tummy and force him to start over from ground zero again.

37 days of life. Quite the journey.

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hendede said...

It is amazing what becomes "normal" for your family! It is good to see you stepping out of your comfort zone and finding "good" in what you experience! Keep up the good work! I know you are tired and there isn't a thing I can do at this point to help with that, except to pray! Feel the hugs........ :)