Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silly doctor...

Adam: "Silly doctor! I told you I didn't need another head ultrasound. You must not have understood my squeaking."

Dr. Clark came back from her weekend break and verified that a follow up head ultrasound for Adam was unnecessary. In his hurry, the weekend on call doc must not have seen that he had just gotten one on Thursday. And we wonder why health insurance and medical costs are skyrocketing! It was a pretty uneventful order day for Adam. Just a little routine blood work, which all came back normal. He did get weighed yesterday and held steady at 2080 grams. Shannon will talk to Dr. Clark about that today and if his calories need to be increased. Adam's oral stimulation exercises continue and we may ask for a feeding specialist to work with us to bring him along. I worked with him last night and got him to take 28mL of his 39 - another feeding over 50%. Goody boy, Adam! Now if we can get him to do it consistently.

As for Sara, yesterday was bath day for the first time at home. I think it was harder for us figuring out logistics, warmth of water, and changing the leads on her home monitor, than it was for her to be naked and wet! She then had her first pediatrician appointment and weighed in on their scale at 4lbs! No major concerns. He will download the information from the home monitor next week and assess how she has been doing. It seems like it went off less yesterday so that was nice. It amazes me how the normal for us as parents of preemies is different than the normal for parents of full-term babies.

"Little Sara" then stopped by my place of employment for a quick visit to say hi to my boss, "Big Sara". Everyone was amazed at how small she was and off course she made sure to look cute while she was on display!

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Pam said...

I am glad these are going well as expected at home! Mom and I went shopping and found a fantastic store here in England (of course, what am I thinking adding that), but it sells clothing for babies weighing 5 lbs. or less! They are so, so, cute! They also go up to 7 1/2 lbs. or less and then to 10 and on up. Beautiful clothing! I had to buy a couple for the twins! Anyways, keep on plugging away! You two are doing a fantastic job and the kids will one day look upon you in Awe! Pam :)