Friday, May 8, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good...

I stepped up to the NICU sink last night to do my 2-minute scrub in and I heard a voice behind me from the nurses' desk..."Your kids are going to be together again!"

She said, "Sister's coming up to join brother!"

"You mean brother's going down to join sister?" I thought she had the kids mixed up as the plan all along was for Adam to move down to 1218 once a bed became available.

"No, there's an opening up here so we are moving her up to Room 4. Isn't that what you want - for them to be together?"

Well, that's a very good question. Of course I want them together. But I wanted them together downstairs. It's quieter for them. And a lot of room to stretch out so we can hold them together as a family. And that was my plan...don't change my plan! I must say that in the craziness of all that is going on, a routine schedule is key for me. Shannon pulled me aside and reminded me of all the benefits. They could be together on the 4th floor tonight or we could wait who knows how long for a bed to open downstairs. I just get caught off guard when I have one thing in my head and then it changes on me - especially when I am tired! I'm sure those of you that know me well are laughing to yourselves at this point. Well, I don't care because I fully accept that I'm a bit beyond normal. Anyway...

The nurses put their heads together - you would think it was the huddle at a football game. Do we want her over here? How about this spot and we can take this baby and move him down there so they can be right next to each other and the nurse-to-baby ratio stays even? That sounds good. And off they went. One nurse moved the other baby. Another came with a disinfecting spray bottle to clean the area. Two more nurses went to get Sara and all her "stuff" - she has a lot of stuff for only being 5 weeks, you know! And then the two nurses assigned to the room talked to exchange notes about the vitals of the baby that got moved to the opposite corner to make room for my Sara.

Before you know it, there she came. Not even peeped an eye open as she was being wheeled down the hall. Hopefully she helped Madelon - her roommate in 1218 - study for her car bed test during the day. She had failed the first test, not even laying in there long enough to make a car ride out of the OSF parking deck before setting her breathing monitor alarms off. We always see the Hinkles at lunchtime as we feed our babies together and had promised them that Sara would stay up late helping her study. It's been nice making friends with people who are going through the same experience. They had gone through some of the same set backs as we were experiencing with Adam. Madelon also has a level 3 IVH, same as Adam. And her dad was looking for a job, too!

I soon forgot about all the craziness of the evening once we settled into taking temperatures, feeling tummies for that soft bread dough feeling, and changing diapers. Shannon kangaroo'd with Adam while I fed Sara a bottle. Our new normal, for a while anyway - Adam forgetting to breathe while laying comfortably on Shannon's chest, and Sara burping herself when she needs to because she doesn't like to be smacked on the back. Life is good...

Happy 5 week birthday, kids!

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