Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now what?

This morning I peeked in Adam's bed and saw an IV hooked to his foot in addition to the PIC line in his arm. Now what?

The nurse indicated that they checked his blood levels last night and his body is not sufficiently making red blood cells. (I thought he didn't look quite right when I visited last night.) You remember we went through this with Sara a few weeks ago and she was borderline for a while but her body kicked in. Adam's tests led the doctor to go ahead and order a blood transfusion today. So his gut priming feedings were held and an IV was put in his foot to administer the first dose of blood over 4 hours this morning. He took a 2 hour break from 12:30-2:30 and is now doing the 2nd round until 6:30 tonight. His gut priming of breast milk will start back up at 8:30 tonight. One more day of receiving only 4ml every 3 hours and then they will determine an appropriate feeding schedule to start him on.

Dr. Clark changed her mind about Sara's caffeine. She doesn't seem quite ready to go off it completely so we will wait until she gains a little more weight. She was awake for her bottle this morning and the nurse told us we didn't have any breast milk left. And then "The Mama" came out! Are you kidding me? We brought 2 dozen bottles in last week for Sara and another 2 dozen upstairs for Adam. He hasn't eaten milk in a week so there is no way he is out. Somewhere in this building my kids have milk! I don't spend hours a day pumping and buy another freezer to store 300 bottles for my kids to drink formula. Keep looking! Of course I didn't say all that but you can bet my eyes revealed it! They finally found a stash but by then Sara was a little sleepy and only took about 1/3. Survey comment...improved communication regarding volume of milk left on hand. As we left today, the nurse said "be sure and bring a lot of bottles when you come back..." maybe she would consider all 300 to be a lot! :)

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Pam said...

LoL!! Thankfully God has gifted the twin's doctors with wisdom and insight into what would be best for their growth. I am sure it is still a "wait and see" game with alot of their treatment. Hang in there! Keep drinking water and juice and producing that wonderful life giving milk! Maybe they used some of your milk for another baby that needed a feed ?? I mean, like they wouldn't be tipping it up in the doctor's lounge? Right? LOL I hope you laughed! All I can do is try to help lighten your load from across the seas! I am looking forward to seeing you the end of May!