Monday, May 11, 2009

Messes all the way around

Weights from yesterday -
Adam 4lb 3oz
Sara 3lb 9oz

Sara took all of her 11:30pm bottle in 8 minutes. 5:30am in 7 minutes. 11:30am in 11 minutes. They took the feeding tube out of her mouth and moved it to her nose. This will allow her to have better suction as she spends more time on the bottle.

Not only is she eating well but she knows how to poop, too! I changed her this morning and her diaper was empty. I covered her with a blanket, waiting for the nurse to check her belly before eating, and I hear a rumbling. Okay, I guess I'll change her again. Diaper #2. I covered her with a blanket again. You guessed it - even MORE noises. Diaper #3. I looked at her and said "Sara, did you poop again?!" She put her little hand over her mouth and just grinned as if to say "maybe...giggle."

Meantime across the way, Shannon was on Adam duty. He was sleeping so sound. Even when our visitor for the morning, Ashley, touched his freshly bathed hair, he didn't even move. Shannon tried feeding him a bottle. Half of it went down...and then half of that came back up. All over his burp cloth, his blanket, his outfit, out his mouth, out his nose. This is the second time he has spit up after taking part of a bottle and getting the rest through his feeding tube. Next time if he doesn't finish his bottle, we will just hold him for a bit to calm his stomach and then put him back in bed to finish getting his breast milk through his feeding tube. Even as he was back in his bed, his hand was over his mouth. The nurse walked by and said he looked like he was holding it in. No sooner had she said that and he took away his hand and threw up some more! I guess she was right. Still, reflux issues are so much better to deal with than possible surgery from anatomical issues.

Other orders for the day - Adam goes back on Zantac and has his pulse-ox monitor removed. Sara goes off caffeine.

Tonight we will start watching some videos required prior to discharge. A sign that we are getting closer...

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