Sunday, May 3, 2009

A little more waiting

Yesterday felt a little disappointing that it seemed we hit a weekend lull working through Adam's tummy issues. We wanted to move through the GI tests to confirm that there is nothing anatomically that needs to be surgically corrected. A phone call with Dr. Stanfell, the radiologist assigned to Adam's case, eased my frustrations. She stated again that his lower scan was clear. They were giving him enemas (2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday) to assist in removing the barium from Adam's system to prepare for the next scan. The upper GI scan was not something she would recommend having done on the weekend when only a tech would be on site to review the results. She felt we would be better served to give him all weekend to flush his body and perform the test first thing Monday morning when an experienced doctor would be on site. An x-ray this morning revealed that his body is clear of the barium so his main focus today is just to rest. Dr. Hocker indicated yesterday in rounds that probably 95% of the time if the lower GI comes back clear, there is no issue with the upper and the preemie is just experiencing a sensitive stomach from being born early. We are thankful we are covering all our bases to confirm there is nothing going on. Better to make sure we are heading down the right path of treatment for our little guy.

Adam is still off breast milk. A PIC line was inserted through his arm in order to have a better method for providing TPN IV nutrients. That made us a little nervous since the last time they inserted that, it caused his rapid heart rate issues. However, this time everything went smoothly. His weight is down slightly but he remains above the 3lb mark. He was resting more comfortably today and his tummy is looking better.

Not only was Sara's canula removed but her pulse-ox was removed, as well. What a difference it makes in taking her out of her bed with only 2 wires instead of 3 and a hose! Her bed continues to be turned down slowly as she gains weight and learns to regulate her own body temperature. She gained weight yesterday and has joined Adam in the 3lb club at 3lb 1 1/2oz (1410 grams). When she reaches the 1500 gram mark, they can consider removing her from an isolette and into an open-air crib.

It looks at this point that a blood transfusion will not be necessary. Praise God! Doctor orders for Sara today was a slight increase to the caffeine she receives. Due to her weight gain, she needs a little more to keep her at essentially the same level she has been receiving. This stimulates her brain and helps keep her bradycardias at bay. Over the next few weeks, they will try removing the caffeine to see how her body responds. If she is off caffeine prior to being discharged for at least 10 days with no bradycardia episodes, she would qualify to come home without a heart monitor. This is a normal process for preemies.

Overall it was a good weekend. The babies enjoyed a visit from my family - Great Aunt Robyn and Grandma Marilynn. I think we all napped in the afternoon. I can't wait for the day that we can do that as a family in the same house!

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