Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm a momma

Mother's Day. My first one.

Gifts started last night when we got a call from the NICU that they were moving the kids. Again. Back down to 1218. Other babies went home sooner than expected. Or maybe they missed Madelon! So less than 48 hours from being moved upstairs, Sara was wheeled back down with her brother in tow.

I guess Shannon had some secret conversations with the kids over the past few days, asking them what they wanted to get me for my first Mother's Day. Adam's suggestion was to make me breakfast. Sara thought that sounded nice. So this morning I got fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven, bacon, and strawberry milk. Good call, kids!

My next present came at the hospital. The overnight shift of nurses had left me a Mother's Day card from both the kids with their footprint "signature." I was wondering why Sara had black on her feet when I changed her the other night! So sneaky. And sweet.

Good doctor reports. Adam's bradycardias are still happening but less frequent than normal for him. They are increasing him to take 2 of his feedings by bottle. He is at the point today that his TPN IV nutrition will stop this afternoon and he will move to just breastmilk. His PIC line will remain with clear fluid running through it in case there are issues over the next few days and we have backwards progress again. No signs of a distended belly yet. Unfortunately, he did receive another suppository today. It seemed like he was trying to stool but he wasn't successful. It works quickly, though. By the time Shannon was done feeding him, he had clean up duty.

Sara is...well, Sara. Sleeping soundly in her crib bundled under blankets, looking cute, and drinking bottles. 4 times a day now out of the 8 feedings. And she was nice enough to give me 2 presents today that only she can make! :)

The last gift? Family pictures. The four of us together. Shannon holding both of his children. And me, on my first Mother's Day, holding my son in one arm and my daughter in the other. I've taken temperatures and changed diapers through holes in a glass box. I've snuggled with them skin to skin, the closest we can be since they were inside me growing. I've held them in my arms to feed them a bottle. But today, when they were both in my arms at the same time, today is when reality hit home. I have waited a long time to be a mom. It's really true that I don't just have one baby to love. God has doubly blessed me.

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Pam said...

JoLynn: What a wonderful post! I am in tears with how happy I am for you two! God is truly great and his blessings overflow! Pam