Saturday, May 9, 2009

Double bottle duty

Adam had been putting his hands in his mouth overnight so the nurse suggested trying him on a bottle again with his feeding this morning. So we tag-teamed...I fed Adam and Shannon fed Sara. Adam had a little slow of a start. After all, it has been a week and a half since his last attempt and he has had quite the roller coaster since then. But he drank all 12ml - good boy! His neck is pretty strong so it's a challenge to burp him when he would rather look around at the view outside his isolette. Also a challenge when he makes noises and I'm not sure if he is burping or just trying to deceive me so I'll stop smacking him on the back!

Speaking of noises - oh my gosh you should have heard him last night while we were kangarooing! I think Shannon might try to post a video clip so you can laugh with us. I say he's snoring because he is so comfortable laying on me. It kind of sounds like a continuous sigh but it's so loud the nurse could hear it across the room!

He did have 4 brady's in total over the past 24 hours. 2 only lasted a few seconds, which really shouldn't count. Only 1 needed gentle stimulation. The weekend doctor considered putting him back on a canula but they talked her out of it. Considering Adam, that really is an awesome day! His 3rd try at a feeding schedule is going well so far. He is digesting the breast milk and there are no signs of a distended belly. We are holding our breath with each passing day, hoping he will make it over the hump.

Sara was a little chilly for her 2:30am feeding so they held off giving her a bottle until 5:30am and she drank the whole thing. She took about 64% for Shannon this morning. Technically she could have graduated to 4 bottles a day today. But since she has only been in a crib for 24 hours and her weight is still pretty low, we decided not to push her and do another day of 3 bottles. It takes extra work to eat and keep her temperature, both. If she can't keep her temperature, they would put her back in an isolette. So we decided that we would rather go a little slower with bottles in order to balance out the work it takes to stay in a crib. We'll see what her weight is tomorrow morning and probably increase her to 4 tomorrow.

The nurse on morning shift today will be back tomorrow so she already has their new outfits and bed linens picked out, awaiting their bath and weight time Sunday morning. When we come in and take care of all the essentials for a feeding, it gives her a little extra time to go "shopping" in the NICU dresser for matching blankets and outfits!

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