Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you give me something, doc?

Adam had a little distended belly overnight again which required an x-ray. They gave him a suppository which led to 2 "substantial" notes on the stool column of his input/output sheet! Maybe that's all he needed to finally clean out all the stuff that has been put in his body over the past week. He had some dark brown blood/bile mixture in his stomach. The color of it indicates that it is old blood, possibly from irritation of the stomach suction he had at the end of last week. Dr. Clark is prescribing him some Zantac to be included in his IV nutrition over the next 5 days. That should coat his stomach while he starts eating breast milk again. His color does look better after his blood transfusion yesterday. But the IV is still causing a little puffiness in parts of his body. He was a little cranky this morning so we had some good snuggle time for him to rest. He also got his caffeine increased from 14 to 16 to keep up with his weight gain. Dr. Clark is confident he will push past this...he's my little trooper!

Meanwhile, sister Sara hangs out 4 floors down awaiting brother's arrival back in 1218. She continues to chug down her bottles. Have you ever seen that Pepsi commercial with the little boy drinking a Pepsi out of a glass bottle with a straw? He sucks so hard that he sucks himself into the bottle. That was Adam yesterday sucking on his pacifier so loud we could hear him with his isolette doors closed. And Sara when she goes to town with a bottle - who said she didn't know how to suck/swallow/breathe? Dr. Clark increased her feeds from 26ml every 3 hours to 28ml.

Yesterday was weigh in day (every other day):
Sara - 1495 grams - 3lb 5oz
Adam - 1630 grams - 3lb 9oz

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