Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blessing in disguise

It was a challenge to find out a few days ago that Adam was moving back upstairs to the intensive care unit. He wasn't stable enough to stay in the step down unit with his sister. That's a little hard to hear. But as I sat at his bedside Sunday night alone, I looked around and got a glimpse into the not so distant past. A new baby had just come in and the parents were getting their first orientation as to what all the monitors and wires were. The noise of the various non-stop alarms can be maddening at times - you constantly look up at the one assigned to your own baby and wonder if it is him that is not remembering to breathe. An x-ray machine rolled by on its way to another preemie in need. A baby was laying in an open warmer across the way, some type of casts on his legs, an IV in his head, and a team of doctors and nurses in masks performing a surgical procedure. Multiple babies had their jaundice lights turned on and their sunglasses to protect their eyes, and of course the high humidity with water running down the glass of the isolette. Sara spent quite a few days in her sauna! Another preemie in the corner in an open air crib with signs posted all over that gowns and masks were required to care for the infant. You really can't imagine. And then I look back at my little boy, dressed in a footie sleeper with teddy bears on the feet. His new body pillow that looks like a hand is supporting him as he lays on his side and his arms are sprawled out. Yes, he still has a canula, 3 wires to monitor his heart rate/reps/pulse ox, and multiple tubes for his PIC line providing IV nutrition...but I look around and see how far he has come. He just got a "bath" today and his hair is all fluffy and the softest thing I have ever touched. It is turning more blonde than Sara's. Before too long, all of this will be a memory. A life-changing experience we will never forget, of course, and something we will tell the kids about to remind them of how strong God has made them. And me.

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