Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adam eats a cookie...Sara gets invited to LePeep

Adam - My boy has had a whirlwind of craziness the past few days. After getting a surprise visit from a feeding therapist on Sunday, we changed to a blue nipple and made the hole a slit for the rice mixed with breast milk to flow through better. It has made all the difference! I guess it has been more about the nipple all along. Once the change was made, Adam took over 75% of 5 bottles in 18 hours. Come on now, who's excited with me? Even Dr. Clark says Adam has been teaching her patience! The nurse decided to put Adam on a "queue" schedule, which means they give him a bottle any feeding he seems interested. I arrived Sunday night hoping to continue the streak and found that he was getting a blood transfusion. It's always hard when they find a good vein in his head. At least I got to hold him and we rocked, which we usually can't do after a meal unless you want to clean up a mess! His hematocrit levels had dropped and made him anemic. That may have also been the culprit of some of the higher heart rate and his increased irritability.

Yesterday he had a "cookie swallow" test that Shannon was able to observe. One final exam to make sure nothing is going on inside that is hindering his nippling ability. They gave him 3 different bottles that had liquids of varying thicknesses, ranging from breast milk to honey. A radiologist and feeding therapist then watches on a monitor how he swallows and whether the liquid goes in his stomach or gets routed to his lungs. All functions are it's just about the blue nipple. I was able to give him a sponge bath last night,which he certainly doesn't enjoy as much as his sister. I did learn that when Adam gets irritated, he doesn't just get red in the face but his entire body turns red - like a little jalapeno pepper! Not sure why my calm little man has this cranky side that he didn't used to have. The mama in me says he is tired of being poked and prodded and just wants to be home for some lovin'.

Speaking of that, we are headed in that direction. Now that it is confirmed there is nothing major wrong and we are moving positively with drinking bottles, we are in the initial stages of working through the discharge checklist. He has been changed to a range of 35-45ml of breast milk. The last test to pass will be his car seat test once his feeding tube is no longer needed. We are hoping he will hit the 5lb mark tomorrow and will be able to fit in his car seat rather than a bed like Sara.

Sara - My girl had another pediatrician appointment. Dr. Neese has invited her to a local restaurant, Le Peep, for an omelette since she is eating so well. He would be happy with 3/4oz weight gain per day. It had been 8 days since she had seen him, which would calculate to a 6oz gain. She blew past that and posted a 12oz gain since the last visit. Exciting signs that she is a healthy baby girl, especially for still being 4 weeks out from her official due date.

Her biggest news to report is that she hates the home monitor as much as we do. We went to the health care office yesterday to download the results from the past few weeks. After calling the sleep lab this morning to check on it, the technician quickly scanned through and reported that all the events were false alarms. She then explained how to correctly place the pads to get better results, which was pretty much opposite of our training from the monitor company. How frustrating! We will certainly be passing that information along.

Other than that, she eats everything in site, including her outfit, blanket, burp cloth, hand, whatever is in site. The other day she tried sucking on her hand at the same time as the bottle. And this morning I wish Shannon was here to take a picture of her hand helping me hold the bottle. God only knows what we have in store for this firecracker!

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