Saturday, May 23, 2009

52 days and counting

52 days. Think about that. What else in your life can you say that you have done exactly the same things in your day for 52 days straight. Now I'm not talking about brushing your teeth before you start the day or always putting your pants on the same. I mean everything about your day. No weekends off. No holidays. It's like the movie Groundhog's Day. 95% of the time we have gotten up at the same time, made milk for the babies, let the dog out, had breakfast, made more milk for the babies, showered, left for the hospital, had lunch, made more milk for the babies, napped or worked on chores, made more milk for the babies, had dinner, left for the hospital, made more milk for the babies, went to bed, got up in the middle of the night to make more milk for the babies, went back to bed. And do it all over again. Obviously with Sara home we are trying to adjust to a new schedule to take turns feeding her and doing split shifts to visit Adam in the hospital. It is so odd to be able to peek in on one of my babies any time I want and the other I have to drive 20 minutes to see him once a day. It will be so nice when we are all under the same roof as a family.

Baby boy Adam is hanging in there considering all he has been through. Last week he had an EKG, blood work, echocardiogram, eye test, and circumcision all within 2 days. That would wear just about anyone out! His heart tests have all come back normal so we are pretty sure that his high heart rate issues last week were, in fact, due to an intolerance of the caffeine. He has now been off caffeine completely since Tuesday and only experienced 1 bradycardia in that time. That is stellar performance for Adam! Adam's eye test revealed some signs of premature eyes and will be examined again in a few weeks to see if they correct themselves on their own. He is recovering from his circumcision as best as can be expected. Tylenol eases the pain. A feeding specialist has evaluated him a few times to offer suggestions for improved nippling. She feels as though his reflux may be hindering him a bit as he has episodes while trying to eat. Who would want to swallow when it feels like something is coming back up? We are mixing a little rice with his milk to act as a thickener so the breast milk won't come back up as easily. Yesterday he consumed more than 50% of both bottles but did not repeat today. Still tired and a little under the weather from the "procedure" I'm sure. Nurse Ratchet didn't help this morning - offering her opinion as to how what we were doing was all wrong and the doctors don't necessarily know what they are doing. Let's see, Dr. Clark has been with Adam 32 days of his 52 alive but clearly your 4 hours of observation during the only shift you have been assigned to him outweighs that. Don't get me started...

As for Sara, she had a visit from the home health nurse on Thursday last week. 4lb 6oz on her scale, up 4oz from her previous visit 4 days earlier. Friday she had a follow up eye appointment and Dr. Reddy said she has no issues that require further visits. Both babies should see a pediatric opthamologist in a year as preemies are more susceptable to vision impairment. Today has been an exciting day with a weekend visit from Grandma Marilynn (my mom). And this afternoon was bath time! Can you believe we didn't hear a peep out of her? Maybe she is going to turn into a little fish and love the water as much as I do. To top it off, Ashley Rae swung by to help with some much needed cleaning. Well, she didn't really help - she did it. What a wonderful way to serve us when we had been getting so behind.

Speaking of Groundhog's Day, time to go make more milk for the babies...

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