Friday, April 24, 2009

You say it's your birthday...

I guess Adam and Sara decided they wanted a new studio apartment for their birthday this week. They were moved to the 1st floor Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit Wednesday night. And last night we celebrated their birthdays as a family by kangarooing together.

The new room is quite spacious and sectioned off by curtains when needed. They even have 3 large windows that bring in nice sunlight during the day for them to bask in the rays. The nurse to baby ratio is still 3:1 so the level of care remains but in a quieter environment. They will continue to see the same doctors. We are adjusting our visit schedule so we can still hear the daily doctor update firsthand - we will visit early afternoon after lunch and in the evening after dinner and shift change. Be sure to call us if you would like to visit as they are in a secure pediatric area and you would need to be escorted by us.

Adam has been making slow, steady progress in working back up his feeding schedule. His IV nutrients were stopped yesterday so he has transitioned back to total breast milk with fortifier for extra calories. The IV was removed last night. He still hasn't had a bowel movement in a few days as his body is working to adjust to the interruption of food.

Sara enjoyed a few days off the canula. However, she had 3 breathing episodes that were all self-correcting. The doctor indicated if she had any more than that or needed assistance, she would go back on the oxygen and we would try again in a few days. We received a call this morning that they did resume oxygen last night at 1am. This is typical and just means she needs a little more time to develop. Her feedings are going well.

You know, I just have to keep everything in perspective. Yesterday we had a conversation with a mom who was taking her baby home that was born with a chromosome birth defect and was expected to die soon. How do you even process that? Another mom in the evening talked about how her daughter was going home this weekend and she went on and off oxygen 6-7 times during her stay. The twins have had such minor bumps in progress along the road that they really can't be considered set backs. Every time we go, we hear comments from nurses about how they are amazed at their progress, how well they are doing for their size, they haven't experienced a "typical" journey for 28 week preemies. When I am overwhelmed by prioritizing things to get done or exhausted at 3am while listening to the sound of the breast pump, it is those comments I keep in mind. And they give me energy to get up and walk through the schedule all over again.

And that is what we will do, whether it is for another 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks.


Pam said...

JoLynn! What a great blog! You really have the gift of writing. Did you know you can make your blog into a book to save one day for the twins? Adam probably won't care so much, but if Sara is anything girlie like Bella, she would enjoy it. What progress! I am so happy that things are lightening up a little for you four! FOUR! You are a family of four now! How great is that? And you are absolutely right, gotta keep everything in perspective. Continuing with our prayers across the big ocean! Love Pam

Clarence said...

Congratulations JoLynn and Shannon on the birth of your twins. I'm sorry I didn't find out till yesterday as news doesn't travel out west very fast! HA! I am excited to see them and will have a chance later this summer to come out to Iowa for a couple of weeks. My kids and I will be out the last week of July and first week of August. Hopefully we can get together again for a visit. Your cousin Clarence Jr.