Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a good day!

This morning was my first trip to the hospital by myself. Shannon was headed to Springfield for a job interview. It was a little lonely but the kids' progress made up for it!

I walked into the NICU to receive a wonderful surprise from my baby girl - her canula had been removed! Shannon and I had given her the goal that maybe by the weekend but she did so well yesterday with the level turned down that they decided to move forward. She is also doing well on her increased feeding level and gained weight. She is officially above her birth weight and is 2lb 10oz.

Big brother had a good day, as well. His tummy still looks good and he is handling being back on a feeding schedule well. About 1 more day and the IV supplemental nutrients should be turned off again and the IV removed. It will be nice to get him back on track. He is also back above his birth weight and is 2lb 14 1/2oz. He did have a few more breathing issues last night but still in the normal range for him. They were while he was sleeping and he self-corrected most of them. Still good progress for him considering that they lowered his oxygen a little yesterday. Dr. Pica will be measuring Adam's head circumference 3 days a week to look for signs of fluid build up on the brain due to his previous bleeding. Measurements are within normal parameters at this point.

Both kids had eye exams this morning - routine check up for preemies. Results are normal - their eyes are still developing but typical. They will receive another test to monitor progress sometime in May.

The doctors are excited over their progress. They definitely seem like the "wonder twins" to us!

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Pam said...

WHOO HOO! Praise God! I am so excited for you guys. They remind me of the story the "Little Engine that Could". They just keep chugging up the hills that their health builds before them! I can't wait to see a picture of Sara without her hose in her nose! Get some rest tonight JoLynn! You are in our prayers!