Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend update

We learned that Adam is in regular clothes now because he is able to hold his own temperature. They have removed a monitor sticker from his tummy that is used to read his temperature and adjust the settings of his bed as needs arise. On Sunday they removed his PIC line from his arm so he has no IV and continues to feed well solely on breast milk. He had a few more breathing episodes last night than usual. The doctor ordered some various blood tests for comparison purposes to see if his levels are different than previous days.

Sara had IV nutrients stopped Saturday so she is feeding on mom's "liquid gold", too. Her electrolytes were checked yesterday to make sure her body is receiving nutrients properly - all levels came back normal. Billy ruben levels are normal - no additional photo therapy necessary. She is not able to keep her temperature yet, mostly due to lower body weight, so she still lets her bed regulate her temp and hangs out in her diaper. She is doing so well with her breathing that they turned down her oxygen level in her canula slightly.

Both kids had an ultrasound of their heads this morning. This is routine to check their brain development and make sure there is no bleeding on their brain. Results should be back later today or tomorrow.

It was good to hear the nurse say last night that both babies are doing well enough to be moved to intermediate care, they have just chosen not to yet. Staffing of nurses is distributed evenly right now and the baby next to Adam did not need any more stimulation. He is such a good roommate - very calm and quiet - so they decided to leave things as they were for now. Once they are moved to a less critical area, they will try their best to put their beds next to each other.

Adam and Sara enjoyed an Easter visit from my family - my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and her 3 girls. LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

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Pam said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! It sounds as if the twins are doing SO well! Blessings to you and Shannon!