Sunday, April 19, 2009

Step away from my baby boy!

We arrived at the NICU yesterday morning to find a nurse standing at Adam's bed with blue gloves on and a blue sterile pad under him from the waist down. He was completely naked, his head had a bruise on it and there was a little dried blood at the area. She was pulling out various things from packages and asked a 2nd nurse to come hold his legs down.

Shannon has been calling me "the mama" for quite some time now...never did it kick in more than at this moment.

I asked what was going on...I'm sure sounding defensive, which I have the right to be cuz I'm the mama...and the nurse said the doctor ordered some blood to be drawn and a urine sample. Shannon suggested putting a cold wipe on him and you would be able to get a sample very easily! But apparently it had to be sterile so she was trying to put in a catheter. After watching her first failed attempt and seeing her go for a second, I had to walk away for her own safety - I was ready to tackle her and take her down!

Her only comment was that he had quite a few "bradies" (brady cardia - heart rate drops below 100) for a number of days now. All I could think of was how the doctor told me the day before "that was just normal Adam" and now there is a weekend doctor there and nurses that had not spent one shift with him.

Dr. Pica, the resident who has been on rounds with both babies every day but one since their first day of life, came to explain things. She knew I would be upset if I walked in and saw that but had no information...darn right! Turns out that Adam had a jump in his number of bradies - he normally has 4-5 a day and the previous was 9. They are just being precautionary to check for things and if they thought it was for sure an infection, they would have started him on antibiotics already. That made me feel better knowing there was a change in his normal pattern and that is what called for the labs. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few days for the cultures to grow and see if it reveals anything.

I called to check on him at 5:30 this morning. They have held his past 2 feedings because his belly was distended more than they would like. He is on IV fluids and they will do an x-ray of his tummy this morning to see if there is anything abnormal going on. During his first 3 days of life not having a bowel movement, his belly protruded, but the nurse indicated his output seemed good. Hoping for some feedback on the results of his x-ray when we visit mid morning.

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Pam said...

You go girl! There is nothing worse than walking in on a situation like that with no previous knowledge that anything was even wrong. I am curious to how old Adam's nurses have been? The older they are they seem to have more compassion and they are not just another patient. We will continue to pray! These are just little blips in a wide road! I guess we shouldn't expect smooth sailing every day, otherwise we might become complacent with our prayers. They need them as much now as at the beginning. Praying for strength for you and Shannon.........