Monday, April 20, 2009

Sore belly

Adam's x-ray on Saturday night revealed that his intestines were a little dilated. The doctor decided yesterday morning to begin his feedings at 1/2 the volume they were and gradually increase. By last night, his tummy was still distended and he seemed very uncomfortable in his bed squirming around. They did another x-ray while we were there and decided to hold his feedings again and increased his IV fluids.

He seemed better this morning and more comfortable. While his belly is bloated, it doesn't hurt him when they push on it and it is still soft. They decided to give him a suppository as his stools had decreased and maybe that was part of the issue. We had a good time kangarooing together and then I got to change his diaper - he left me quite the surprise! Hopefully he feels better after that. They will start him on just a tiny bit of breast milk this afternoon to see if he handles it better. The doctor we talked to today indicated she is pleased with his progress and the issues he is working through are actually normal for a preemie born at 28 weeks.

All blood and urine cultures from the other day have come back negative. His A's and B's - apnea and brady cardia - have been lower the past few days so that is a positive. They will begin measuring the circumference of his head today to make sure there is no build up of fluid on his brain.

Sara...what can I say? She's my strong little girl. All positive things about her - her feedings are going well, she is holding her own temperature, her breathing is good on the decreased oxygen, and she goes crazy with sucking on her pacifier. Her only mishap today was when the syringe of breast milk fell from the top of her bed and was laying on her face! I'm surprised I didn't hear any complaints from her but we had a little clean up before we left for the afternoon.

Tonight...our first bath time together!

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Pam said...

yay! Bathtime, enjoy!