Thursday, April 30, 2009

So much for a good day

I guess maybe this is a sign that I just need to get used to how the kids will keep me on my toes for the next how many years...

Yesterday morning we had a good visit with the doctors. They increased Sara's feeding volume to 25mL, which will give her 118 calories per day. Adam was at full feed schedule again finally - 25mL like his sister. No sign of tummy issues. A little spit up developing over the past few days. Dr. Macwan increased his caffeine level from 13 to 15 to assist with his bradycardias.

We went back in the evening - Shannon kangaroo'd with Sara and I fed Adam a bottle. He took 1/4 of it.

And then another one of those dreadful 3am calls came. Dr. Pica informed me that Adam's belly was distended again but this time it was hard, unlike times in the past. He has quite a bit of air in his belly but it doesn't seem to be moving much. She decided to stop his feedings, draw some blood, start him on an IV and antibiotics...and unfortunately he was moved back up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

I lay awake in the dark in the middle of the night analyzing his progress, searching my brain for questions I could ask the doctors which would lead them to pinpoint why this has started. Of course the doctors have charts to look at and data to analyze but we have also spent a lot of hours so far with our children. They won't reduce his oxygen flow until his bradycardias are better but is it the high flow oxygen that is causing air to get in his tummy and then his body doesn't move that through? Doesn't necessarily seem to be a milk allergy because he is digesting all of it and the distendedness has started at various volume levels. I don't know. I pray that we figure out the combination soon.

An added challenge to visit the kids when they are on different floors of the hospital.

And the struggle it will be of walking into a room they have shared for a week to see Sara's bed and the slot next to her empty, waiting for her brother to join her again.

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