Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday medical orders

Sara enjoyed a few days canula-free but after having quite a few bradycardia the other night, the doctor felt it was best to take a small step backward. When I hear a report that one of the episodes she needed breathing assistance, I certainly can't argue. But you can imagine how that can weigh on you as a mom. This canula is a step down in that it's not a high pressure flow like Adam is on right now, merely a little flow of pushing room air through her lungs. The increased breathing episodes led them to run some blood tests to look for an infection brewing or possible anemia. The doctor indicated today that she is anemic but her body is working at a good pace to make red blood cells. At this point, they are monitoring her closely to see if her body is going to correct the issue on its own by watching her resting heartrate. If it is in the 160-170 range, she is resting comfortably. If it is in the 180 range, she is working too hard and they will do a blood transfusion. A bit more involved of a process for preemies as they would stop her feedings for an hour before the procedure. She would then receive separated blood that contained red cells only for 4 hours, take a 2 hour break, and receive another 4 hour treatment. Approximately 12 hours of not eating may make her a little cranky, but it will be worth it if she needs it. Pray that her body will have the strength to make the adequate red blood cells on its own as that would be the best option.

Adam has decided to have another hiccup with his digestive track. Just when he was off IV's, his belly started showing signs of being distended last night. They did an x-ray and blood draw, which revealed no major problems, and held his feedings overnight. He did not look as uncomfortable as he did last week. His belly remains soft and he is in no pain. The doctor decided to try a different approach this morning to narrow down what is causing his tummy issue. They started him back on breast milk feedings this afternoon and will increase it until he returns to his full feeding schedule. No human milk fortifier will be added for extra calories to see if that was what his body didn't like to process. Once he has resumed full milk volume, they will try to add a formula fortifier instead. All trial and error.

When you stop and think about it, they were still supposed to be in the womb for another 9 weeks...eating and breathing amniotic fluid. Here they are breathing air and digesting breast milk, looking around at their surroundings, wearing clothes, and sucking on pacifiers. It really just leaves me in awe.

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