Monday, April 27, 2009

Sara takes her first bottle!

What a surprise to arrive yesterday morning to find out the nurse had tried Sara on "nippling", which essentially means she gave her one of her feedings through a bottle to see how she would handle the suck, swallow, breathe process. She gets 20 minutes to eat as much as she can with 1 feeding a day. What she doesn't eat is finished in the syringe that flows through her feeding tube. At the point she eats more than 50% 2 days in a row, she would advance to the next level and nipple 2 feedings a day, etc. Her first attempt she took 7mL of her 23mL feeding - about 30%. Quite good for a 2lb 12oz little peanut. When we were kangarooing last night, she was trying to put anything in reach in her mouth - my hospital gown, her receiving blanket, her fist, even her canula hose that had slipped out and was by her lips!

They continue to monitor her breathing to see if she is working too hard. So far the blood transfusion is on hold.

Adam continues to make strides with his tummy issues. Since he has been tolerating breast milk well again, the doctor adjusted his feeding schedule to increase the quantity at a faster pace (still without the human milk fortifier that would normally be added). In about 2 days he will be back up to full feed volume and they will test him with the forumula milk fortifier. He continues to have more bowel movements so it seems things are processing better. The times his tummy is distended right now, it is due to the air he is swallowing from his canula. The nurse yesterday was going to suggest turning down his canula level but the doctor didn't go for it. She would rather that he focus on one thing at a time and right now it is the feeding schedule. With Dr. Makwan back from vacation today, each doctor is different, so we'll see what his thoughts are. At this point Adam just seems content laying around posing for pictures, and blowing spit bubbles. Maybe one of these times I'll be able to get a picture of Shannon blowing bubbles back at him! I thought they were supposed to be having quality father/son time...

Adam went at it with his pacifier yesterday so we'll see if the nurse tries him on a bottle today, too.

Both kids got a bath yesterday, new bedding, and an updated weight. Adam loves his new green dinosaur sleeper (finally a break from the baseball theme) and Sara is in consistent pink with heart blankets. Adam is hovering just under 3lbs and Sara is 2lb 12oz.

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Pam said...

Everytime I read the updates, I am in "WOW" mode for the rest of the day! It is so good to hear how well they are doing! What a blessing. Continuing our prayers! Pam