Saturday, April 11, 2009

No news is good news

Could we even ask for more? Each day brings another little step forward for our new little arrivals. Adam caught up with Sara on Friday and had his cpap removed. He is now on a canula, as well. I think he is relieved to have that contraption off his head. His feedings are going well and he is officially off all IV nutrient supplements and eating just breast milk. It is poured into a syringe and suspended above his bed to flow into a feeding tube by gravity. They keep just clear fluids running through the IV line to keep it open in case it is needed down the road. Sara caught up with Adam and the humidity in her bed was turned off. With no signs of infection, her antibiotics were stopped.

Today was an "order free" day. The doctors had no tests to run, no blood, nothing they wanted to check...just a lazy Saturday of hanging out in the warm beds, resting, and eating.

With Adam being a day ahead on his feeding schedule, he is back up to his birth weight of 2lb 12oz, while Sara is still down from birth at 2lb 4oz.

It was an exciting parents day, though. When Shannon and I arrived for our morning visit, they had dressed Adam in "street clothes". A preemie sleeper outfit. It was ridiculously large on him!

And Shannon had his first kangaroo experience. Each baby can have skin to skin contact with a parent once a day. So since Sara and I had some quality time together the other day, I thought it was dad's turn. Shannon takes off his shirt and puts on a hospital gown. Then the nurse carefully transports Adam and all his tubes and wires to Shannon's chest. A few warm blankets are laid on top of both of them and they enjoy their snuggle time. We will get on a schedule to do this every day so we begin to bond together as a family. Sara and I will take a turn tonight. I'll let Shannon post about the experience but for me as a mom, it was exciting to see him holding our son for the first time.

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Pam said...

What can we say? Praise God, from whom all blessings flow! I am so happy for you two! God continues to steer Adam and Sara one step closer each day to coming home to be with Mom and Dad! I am thrilled every time I read your update on the blog! How is your recovery JoLynn? I am praying for you both to stay well at this time, and for the twins! pam