Friday, April 17, 2009

No change

Adam's ultrasound results came back the same - the bleeding did not resume and get worse and the clot did not recede, either. This is what the doctor expected. He is showing no other signs of distress - no seizures, no changes in his color, he is eating well and having good "output". They will do another ultrasound in 4 weeks. In the meantime, they will monitor measurements of the circumference of his head to make sure there is no abnormal changes that would indicate increased fluid in his brain. He continues to have apnea episodes where he forgets to breathe, mostly when he sleeps. The doctor feels at this point, that is just Adam. Please continue to pray that there is no damage to his brain that would cause developmental issues down the road.

Little sister continues to gain weight and she is adjusting to the increased feeding volume well. The doctor said today, "I think she has turned the corner." Exciting! She is doing fairly well maintaining her own body temperature. A challenge being by the hallway door and under a vent so I put her little bonnet back on today. She remains on the same oxygen level through her canula and if she has a good weekend, they will assess turning it down a notch on Monday.

Both babies started oral stimulation to develop their sucking skills...putting a pacifier in during feeding time or various other times during the day. Adam wasn't as interested today - must have been tired from the book Shannon read to him. Sara sucked on Shannon's finger for a bit and had quite a grip!

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