Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medical update

We were a little disappointed that we didn't get to catch the doctors while doing rounds in the morning yesterday, as they had clinicals and were delayed in their schedule. The nurses do an awesome job of updating us while we are there - they are only assigned to 2 babies during their shift and they know there is a twin but sometimes don't even know where the bed is located in the area! - but it is nice to get that report from the doctors first-hand.

Instead, I was surprised to receive a personal phone call in the afternoon from Dr. Pikah, the intern who has given us reports every day since their birth. She knew we missed the rounds for the day and wanted to give me the information. We are so appreciative of the time we get and the level of patience to ask any questions we think of.

Adam had gone through the rapid heart rate episode after putting the PIC line in his arm. Digoxin acts as a liquid defibrilator and returned his rate to a normal rhythm. Dr. Hasselman, his pediatric cardioligist, saw him and wanted to continue another dose today just for prevention. He will also get an EKG/ultrasound of his heart to make sure it is anatomically correct and blood is flowing. They don't think there is anything wrong, just being precautionary. He also got another glycerin suppository - sorry buddy - but it did help give him another bowel movement in the evening. They decided to do another day of "gut priming" (test feeding with breast milk) since he had the heart issues. He has had some issues with his respirations falling below 100 and is back on caffeine to prevent that. He needs to be free of those before completely removing the c-pap and going to a canula. Just leave that hose alone, Adam! We had to have a little talk about that last night before we left. He likes to pull at everything. His billy rubin levels look good so no photo-therapy and he will have a lab-free day today. He had a good test feeding last night and had digested all of the previous feeding. The IV line was removed from his belly and he was laying on his stomach last night.

As for Sara, she has been having some issues with her right hand turning right. They place a warm pack on the left hand and in 5 minutes it pinks up again. The nurse on the afternoon shift removed her pulse ox monitor and she did not have any episodes so the evening/overnight nurse was going to follow suit to see if that is what was causing the problem. Her billy ruben went up a little so they will re-test today. They will also look at electrolytes and other levels today, checking her sodium, etc. She is still on the high 95% humidity. Her blood work on her liver was negative but the viral cultures are still pending. She did not need another suppository. They have also decided to do 1 more day of gut priming with her due to the finger issues. The insertion of her PIC line went well - it is in her leg to avoid any issues that may arise with the right hand. Her umbilical cord IV was removed as well and she was laying on her belly.

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