Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little challenge for the kids

Dr. Clark is attending to the kids this week and decided this morning to challenge them a little. Shhh...we're keeping it a secret from Adam, though!

Sara had no breathing issues yesterday and only 1 the day before so they are turning her oxygen in her canula down another notch to 1. One more step and it will be removed. It is on a trial basis so if it is too much of a struggle for her, they will turn it back up a level. Also, her weight went down a little so they are going to increase her calories by giving her more breast milk. 23mL per feeding every 3 hours, which is a little less than 1/8 cup. Her favorite pasttimes are napping, sucking on her pacifier, and looking adorable.

Adam only had two breathing issues yesterday, which is excellent for him. Since he has had two good days in a row, the doctor is turning his oxygen level down a notch to 2. Like his sister, if he doesn't do well, they will turn it back up. His belly looks much better this morning so they are starting him on a small feeding schedule - 5mL per feeding, which is about 1/2 tsp! As he transitions into increasing the breast milk, they will decrease the IV nutrients he is on but it will be about 3 days before they can remove the IV. Pray that he will take the feedings well and his veins will hold up to the IV. It doesn't seem to bother him but it is a challenge for me to see an IV in his head!


Pam said...

We're praying!

Brian E. Tower said...

Hey guys. Glad to see things are improving and the mini-Mos are progressing. Thanks for the links to the sites and this blog.