Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a 2 bottle day...

Both of us are exhausted from the excitement of the day!

Dr. Makwan was back from vacation and assessed both kids shortly after our arrival this morning. No new orders for either of them. Adam is taking his feedings well and continues to self-recover from most of his apneas/bradycardias that he experiences. He remains with an IV in his arm in case his tummy reverts to being upset. The doctor heard a small heart murmur this morning but suspects it is due to the high flow canula right now and it is not of concern.

As Dr. Pica says, Miss Sara is a "rock star!" She keeps plugging along with her feeds and has kept her heart rate within range to avoid the blood transfusion. Dr. Makwan explained this morning that when babies are in the womb, they have an ample supply of red blood cells. When they are born, all of those cells die which makes the body anemic. This is a normal process which creates a signal for the body to make more cells. If the body is assisted with a blood transfusion, it gets confused and thinks it doesn't need to make more. That is why they want the body to produce the red blood cells on its own rather than confusing it again with a transfusion.

The real excitement came when both Shannon and I got to feed the kids. Sara and I took a lesson from the nurse while Shannon looked on and then he got his turn with Adam. Sara ate less than yesterday but they were also trying a nipple that allowed her to take more, which could have tired her out a little faster. Adam had a slower start but both of them did very well in swallowing, keeping their breathing steady, and not choking. It really is truly amazing to watch a tiny human being less than 3 lbs learning how to eat.

We were spending some time holding them as they napped from the bottle effort and the nurse asked if we had any pictures of them together. We looked at each other and told her no, that they had never been close enough with all the wires from the beds. She told us Sara was doing well enough she would disconnect her wires from the monitor and we could scoot toward the middle of the room so she could snap a few photos. So, 25 days into their NICU stay and we finally got pictures of all of us together. They were the closest they had been since they were in the womb. Not very awake for the experience, but still a milestone.

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Pam said...

Wow! again! Hard to believe you are going on a month! It is so wonderful sharing each event with you and Shannon! Sara and Adam are working hard to come home. Love and prayers,