Thursday, April 9, 2009

I got to hold her!

First of all, we were elated to talk to the doctors and hear positive reports on both Sara and Adam. It felt so good to have a phone call free morning! They have made excellent progress during their first week of life.

Adam has had no more heart issues with the rapid heart rate (SVT) but he continues to be on a daily dose of Digoxin, which will change to oral administration today. It is possible that could continue even after he comes home. He is still having some breathing/apnea issues so he remains on the cpap with just a little pressure and they will reassess tomorrow. He has gone through a full day on his official feeding schedule and it is going well - he is digesting all of what they are giving him through a feeding tube. Although when we arrived today, he had pulled the feeding tube completely out and was laying on it! He had a few milestones - the humidity was turned off in his bed, which means his skin isn't so sensitive to be losing water through his thin skin...and he finally listened to us and pooped SIX times yesterday. The magnesium has processed out of his body and with the feeding schedule, it is helping things move through his system better.

Sara has given us good reports, as well. The blood work and spinal tap results have all come back negative for infection. They are still waiting for a few culture results. But if things look good still tomorrow, they will take her off the antibiotics since she has made it through 48 hours of no symptoms. She is much more her spunky self today. It was a new nurse today who hadn't been with her before. She made the comment about how she wasn't happy because she was moving all around - I said no, that is normal for her. She is off her test feeding schedule and on to regular feedings. At 11:30 she received her first official meal of breast milk and the IV nutrients were turned down. There have been no more episodes with the circulation in her right hand since moving the pulse-ox to her foot. The humidity in her bed was lowered again (to 65%). She graduated off the cpap today while we were there and it was replaced with a canula. It is possible that she could take a step back and return to the cpap but we'll see how spunky she is!

As I stood at her bed and Shannon was with Adam, the nurse told me it was time to take her temp and change her diaper, if I was interested. Of course I try to get as much practice in as possible. She wasn't real pleased with me that I had to hold her arm down to take her temp. Then we waited for the respiratory therapist to remove the cpap and change her to the canula.

And the nurse said so nonchalant - she is due to have her bed changed...would you like to hold her while we do that?

It was such a surprise, so unexpected!

It was quite the ordeal with 2 nurses lifting her out and untangling wires. As she dangled in the air with arms and legs moving, getting a little irritated, I waited with a warm blanket laid on my chest. More wires caught, more things to untangle.

Finally they placed her on the blanket and I folded both sides around her. No more fussing. Just calm and content. It felt like I wasn't holding anything - she is so tiny. As she laid on my tummy, I pictured just how cramped she must have been in my belly with her brother. We rocked. Shannon took pictures and tried to get her to open her eyes. She wrapped her hand around my finger. It was a wonderful 10 minutes.

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Pam said...

Oh JoLynn! praise God! Dawn said that it would be a while before you were able to hold the babies, and look, one week and Sara has been in your arms! I am so happy for you! I am glad Sara and Adam continue to move forward. It seems that they have been around for a while, not just a week! They really are growing and improving day to day! It is amazing to watch, and I thank you both for being so willing to share with all of us! Pam