Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy 2 week birthday!

About this time 2 weeks ago I was just getting hooked up to machines at St. Francis. I can't believe how quickly the past 2 weeks have flown by.

We are excited that Adam and Sara have both moved to intermediate care and are in beds next to each other...well sort of, there is an empty bed space between them. But it makes it much easier to visit with them both.

We made it there in time for doctor rounds this morning. Sara has had small strides of weight gain consistently over the past 5 days. She is now at 2lbs 7oz, up from 2lbs 4oz last week. Still not up to birth weight, but making progress. They have decided to increase the amount of breast milk she is getting - 121 calories per day! Tomorrow they will consider turning her oxygen on the canula down a little to "challenge" her and see how she does. She is also receiving an iron supplement in her feeding once a day because breast milk does not have iron in it. Dad dressed her in her first outfit today - Sara wrinkled up her nose so I guess she didn't like what the nurse picked. This stage indicates they are going to turn down her bed temperature and see how she does holding temperature on her own. When we "kangaroo'd" last night, she was lifting her head and trying to look up at me as I would talk to her.

As for Adam, baseball outfits seem to be what he wears most days. Sometimes 2-3 outfits a day if he has an accident...a few of the nurses have discovered how good of an aim our little guy has! He is getting 124 calories a day and is hovering right at his birth weight of 2lb 12oz. They look for babies to return to birth weight at the 2 week mark, but you seldom see that in preemies. He is getting the iron supplement, as well, and continues to be on the digoxin for his heart but they have seen no recurrences of the rapid heart rate. He continues to forget to breathe at times, mostly when he is sleeping. Since the number of times it occurs is consistent and there are no other signs of stress, the doctor is not concerned at this point - that's just Adam. Sound sleeper like Dad. His follow up brain ultrasound was early this morning. If results are posted this afternoon, the doctor will call us. Otherwise, we will discuss with him in the morning.

I tried to ask them what they wanted for their birthday today but neither offered any ideas! I guess we'll keep giving them love - doesn't cost anything and we have plenty!

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