Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Got poop?

When we left the kids Monday morning, we gave them one goal - you need to poop. Sara had one bowel movement on Day 1 of life but none since then. Adam was going on four days and nothing. Considering that they are young, we thought maybe they need to just focus on one goal at a time. By the time we came back in the evening, Sara had accomplished her goal three times. And Adam finally had his first - I am sure he didn't realize how much better he would have felt if he had just done that sooner.

New goals set - Sara needs to improve her sodium levels so the humidity can be turned down in her bed. At 95% it is so steamy in there you have to keep wiping the windows to see her. But we were excited to get there at the time the respiratory therapist was coming around to change her c-pap and do some suctioning. He took all the gear off around her face and lowered the entire side of the bed so we could take pictures. It was very exciting to see her eyes open and looking at us as she squirmed around. Definitely more hair than her brother.

Adam's goal is to leave his c-pap alone. He grabs at everything. When we lifted the blanket on his bed, he had his hand clasped around the hose of the c-pap. The nurse said he had been pulling it off all day and that was causing him to have some distressful episodes. He opened his eyes, as well.

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