Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling all prayer warriors

We got to the hospital this morning just in time to see Adam transferred to a different bed and then transported to his new surroundings in intermediate care. I held him as they set up his new bed - once a week or so a baby gets a new bed so intense sterilization can happen to the one they have been living in. The day took a quick turn when the nurse told us the doctor had already made rounds and wanted to talk with us.

"I wanted to talk to you about the ultrasounds we performed on the babies' brains. Sara's came back normal. Adam revealed there was some bleeding."

He pulled up a chair and found a piece of paper to draw a picture as he explained the results.

The ultrasound of the left side of his brain is normal. It is the right side that is of concern. A level I bleed would not be an issue because that would be in an empty area of the brain. A level II bleed has moved outside the empty area and leaked into a ventricle. A level III bleed is one that has extended beyond the ventricle and entered the brain. And a level IV bleed has seeped into various areas of the brain.

Adam has a level III bleed. It has clotted at this point so his body is doing what it's supposed to in healing itself. Surgery is not necessary and also not possible due to being located in the center of the brain.

This type of bleed increases a chance of brain development issues or slight cerebral palsy to 25% as opposed to 8-10% for a 28-week preemie.

It is really too soon to tell if there will be any issues with this. As he gets older and his brain continues to grow, it is possible that there is no damage at all. And it is possible that if there is damage, his brain will compensate and work around it. We will not be able to tell that until he gets older.

Next steps are to do another ultrasound on Thursday to monitor the progress. We will discuss the results with the doctor on Friday.

How can you pray?
--- That the ultrasound Thursday would reveal not only that the bleeding has not continued, but that it has receded. In fact, you can go really big and pray that there would be no signs of any previous bleeding.
--- That any damage that may have occurred will be compensated by the brain so there are no development issues. Go big...there is no damage at all.
--- That Shannon and I are strong examples of faith that impact the staff in the NICU.

We look forward to talking to our son about his miraculous God when he gets older.

How is sister? The doctor decided to adjust her oxygen level back up a notch to ease her breathing a little. Nothing of concern. Her brain ultrasound has come back normal. We have convinced the nursing staff to move her to intermediate care to be with her brother. They will slide one low-care baby down a station so she can be right next to him. We expect this to happen this afternoon.


mbrendon said...

I will send out a prayer request for little Adam and for all of you. MB

Pam said...

JoLynn and Shannon: Remember, there are going to be little steps along the way, and there are going to be big steps along the way in the twins growth at this point. God is good, and no matter which way this goes, it is all GREAT! Adam is responding positively in other areas of his development and we can pray that this is a good indication that he is handling his bleed. The brain is a wonderful thing and will continue to grow & change. We will pray for GOD to go big, and will be pleased in however he has chosen to bless you two! Through your witness there and your babies, you are already changing lives. Prayers go out here in England.