Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another phone call

We got another one of those phone calls you don't really like to get this morning as we were ready to leave for the hospital. Don't get me wrong - we love to be called and informed - it just makes your pulse a little higher even though we try to stay calm...we know God is in control of the entire situation.

This time it was about Sara. You remember a few days ago that her liver levels were a little off. We are still waiting some culture results on that. Last night her temperature was pretty high - 98.8. Being in a controlled environment, her body temperature should not fluctuate much. They turned off her aqua bed that circulates beneath her and in the morning her temp was down to 96.4. Not being able to hold your body temperature is typically a sign that something is off. She also didn't seem like herself - very lethargic and they would lift her arm and it would just drop rather than her holding it up. The combination of all these things led them to run blood tests and do a spinal tap. Her white blood cell count was elevated. The spinal is not back yet. To be conservative, they started her back on antibiotics. They are also keeping her on the test feeding for another day and held off on feedings this morning. Her sodium levels did drop so they turned the humidity down in her bed - it's good to be able to see her well without so much condensation in her bed. By the time we left, she was more alert. Shannon changed her diaper and she received another feeding of my breast milk.

Adam graduated to an official feeding schedule today and got his first dose while we were there. The IV nutrients were turned down at the same time. He was quite fussy while I sat with him but by the time I went to the bathroom and came back, he was alert and had his eyes open. I thought that was interesting until I changed his diaper. So much work for such a small amount of reward. And people aren't kidding when they tell you that stuff is sticky! No further episodes with his heart and he is doing well with his breathing but is not off his cpap just yet. He is pulling out his feeding tube. The nurse put a piece of tape on the line as a marker and the tape is supposed to be up by his lips. Within 40 min he had it pulled out a few inches and the nurse had to re-insert it and put new tape on twice. She told me she thought it was slipping from getting wet with saliva. "Don't be so sure of that!" I told her. After getting it adjusted, she turned around to do a few things and looked back and there his hand was wrapped around it again getting ready to pull!

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