Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3:10 am




This is Katie. I'm calling about Adam. He's okay.

Our first middle of the night call. They had put in Adam's PIC line - the IV leading to his heart. Everything seemed fine with it. But then his heart started beating fast. 250 bpm. It didn't seem to bother him. He wasn't in distress. His color was still pink. Another sign that he has that calm personality even when his heart is racing! Sometimes the line can get a little too close to the heart and tickle it. They did another x-ray and in fact the line had moved. They pulled it out a little but that didn't bring his heart rate down. Adenocin was administered, with no improvement. A 2nd medication, digoxin was given, and that brought his rate back down to the normal 150 bpm range. The PIC line is still in place and is being used for his IV fluids. 50% of the digoxin dose was given at that time. He will receive another 1/4 dose 8 hours later and the last 1/4 8 hours after that. He will be monitored to see if he needs to continue receiving that med or if it was just related to the PIC line insertion.

We called this morning to check on him and he had no further complications over the past few hours. Anxious to hear the doctor report when we go during rounds late this morning.

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Pam said...

Thanks for the blog you two! It is a great way to tell everyone how things are going. JoLynn, I hope you are resting when at home! The sooner you are back on your feet the better for the babies. We are praying for an early release now for the babies so your family is together at home! I am so happy for you! Who would have thought back in October at the bonfire, that you would have two little ones come April? Only God knew.